NY gov. orders background checks of his staff

Chief of staff reportedly owes $300,000 in taxes
October 23, 2008 5:42:52 AM PDT
New York Gov. David Paterson is ordering background checks of executive chamber employees after it was discovered that his chief of staff, under fire for not paying nearly $300,000 in taxes, had no completed background check.Paterson also released a letter dated Jan. 28, 2007, from Charles O'Byrne to the governor's counsel noting the tax debt, which he has since paid with penalties and interest, and the depression that O'Byrne said led to it. Paterson says O'Byrne first revealed the problems to him in 2004.

Paterson said 60 percent of executive chamber employees didn't have completed background checks and some of the material employees submitted for the checks is lost. Paterson says he just learned of the lack of checks on Wednesday.