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March 9, 2009 11:16:49 AM PDT
If you're concerned about buying a safe car these awards are the auto industry's version of the Oscars. And, this year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is giving out a lot of them, 72 in all, double last year's total. And that's good news for new car buyers looking for a safe ride. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety performed scores of front crashes, rear, and side crashes. Over two hundred vehicles were tested. But there's good news, more than a third of them were awarded top safety picks.

"Car companies acknowledge that safety sells. So they're making improvements to the vehicles to earn that top safety pick award," said Adrian Lund of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Ford, and it's subsidiary, Volvo had the most top safety picks, 16. While Honda, Acura and Subaru all earned awards in every class they competed. "The top safety pick award winners offer good protection in front crashes, side crashes, and rear crashes. And they have electronic stability control to keep you out of crashes in the first place," said Lund.

Another trend? Top crash protection is now available in lower cost cars. Cars retailing less than 20 grand, like the Toyota Corolla, Honda Fit and the Ford Fusion all got top safety pick honors. "Family cars like the Ford Fusion offer the same level of crash worthiness as vehicles (costing) twice as much," said Lund.

The only auto manufacturer left off the list for top safety pick awards? Chrysler.


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Story by: Tappy Phillips

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