2nd FBI informant to take stand in Fort Dix trial

November 30, 2008 8:24:13 AM PST
Another FBI informant with a troubled legal past is set to take stand in the trial of five men accused of plotting to attack soldiers on Fort Dix. Jurors will hear testimony from Besnik Bakalli tomorrow. That follow 13 days of testimony from another paid informant.

Prosecutors say Bakalli may be a tough-guy with a record that includes shooting someone in his native Albania and then illegally re-entering the United States, but they say the FBI needed people like him to gain credibility with the alleged plotters.

The government says the case as an example of good investigative work thwarting a homegrown terrorist plot.

Lawyers for the suspects, are all foreign-born Muslims who spent years living in Cherry Hill, say their clients were never seriously planning an attack.

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