Homemade gifts for the holiday season

December 10, 2008 4:25:09 PM PST
'Tis the season to give, and this year, you don't have to spend a fortune to find a unique gift. "Everyone in my house has to be pretty careful about what they take out of the fridge," Lisa Price said.

That's because Price is always cooking up something in her Brooklyn kitchen, not to eat, but to use on your skin or in your home. She turned a hobby into a business called Carol's Daughter and her products are sold nationwide.

"When I first started a lot of what I did was make my own gifts," she said.

And Lisa's sharing some those gift ideas. For potpourri, you need a mix of texture, color and fragrance.

For her winter blend, she starts with pearly everlasting. That's mixed with angel wings, tail springs, sort of like coiled twigs, and cinnamon bark. She sprinkles it all with fragrance.

Fill some glass jars and seal them, and that allows the fragrance to cure. Make them now, and they'll be ready to open in three weeks.

Another homemade gift is a milk bath infused with vodka .

The vodka prevents the milk from curdling. To that, add some cinnamon, vanilla extract and rose fragrance.

Then peel off some rose petals, roll them up and pop them into a bottle.

Pour that milk mixture into the bottle and seal.

You'll need to keep the milk bath refrigerated, but remember, it's only for bathing.

Don't be surprised if you enjoy making these gifts as much as you enjoy giving them.

To see the recipes live on the Carol's Daughter Web site, go to, http://www.carolsdaughter.tv/channel/2008/12/09/gift-giving-from-the-kitchen/#more-1158


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