NY Rescuers save two children in Haiti

January 20, 2010 9:38:36 PM PST
With outstretched arms, the 8-year old boy seemed to thank his rescuers with one big hug. Dirty, severely dehydrated, but alive, the little boy survived eight days trapped in the collapsed rubble of a two-story building.

A joint NYPD-FDNY rescue team successfully found the boy and another little girl.

"They were ecstatic. They were pleased. Very happy," said team leader Dep. Inspector Robert Lukach said.

Ecstatic, but the parents were still nervous until rescuers then pulled the 10-year old girl from that perilous crevice. Lucky to be alive, she was handed off to medical personnel.

The children were given intravenous fluids and checked out before being sent off to an Israeli tent hospital.

With sledge hammers and even buckets, the joint team began working the site -- a two-story collapsed building where several children were trapped.

"Individuals told us they had to give the children water, passing water through a small hole," Lukach said.

Earlier in the evening the team made a grim discovery: the bodies of three other children were recovered from the site.

But the last two children were the fifth and sixth individuals pulled alive from the building.

"When our rescue team got there, they were able to, using search cams, actually see the individuals in the hole," he said.

Out of hellish hole and into the waiting arms of those who fought to save them.