Police search for suspect accused of attacking nun

March 11, 2010 3:42:26 PM PST
Newark police are searching for a man who attacked a nun at a city church and stole a laptop computer. Jim Goodness, a spokesman for the Newark Archdiocese, said the 55-year-old nun was working in the convent of St. Lucy's Church around 11 a.m. Thursday when she heard a noise and saw a man wearing a dark overcoat.

The nuns are all from Nigeria, and reside at the convent. Police say 55-year-old Sister Obiama was there alone when the attack happened.

Goodness said the man punched and kicked her. She was taken to a local hospital.

A church sexton said the man had come to the church earlier in the day asking for money and was turned away.

Newark police fanned out across the area bringing back, a one point, a possible suspect in a gray sedan for one of the nuns to try to identify, but police later said no one had been arrested.

Sister Obiama is expected to be released from the hospital later Thursday with some bruises.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)