Game show winner?

Seven On Your Side
April 26, 2010 8:36:15 PM PDT
You're lucky enough to get on a game show and then you win. If you think that's the end of the story, you could be wrong. Each time Rosary Salmieri watches her favorite game show, "Let's Make a Deal" she can't help smiling.

Last September she and six of her friends flew to Las Vegas. They dressed up like three sets of dice - calling themselves, what else? The "dice girls."

"I actually surprised all my girl friends with these 6 tickets and the costume," said the Staten Island EMT.

Incredibly, Ro was chosen as a contestant on the game show and won a trip to Greece. At the end of the show, she risked the trip to pick what was behind door number 3.

As a result, she lost the trip to Greece but won a 6 day trip for 2 to St. Lucia. Taxes included the trip was worth more than $7,000.

"I really want to go on the trip, it was my 40th anniversary night. I told my husband, guess where we're going away," said Rosary.

But 7 months after her big win? Ro's show hasn't aired, and no prize ever arrived.

Minutes after Ro won she signed an agreement, standard with most game shows. It states if the contestants show isn't broadcast it's the discretion of the producers to award the prize. The bottom line for Ro, "You don't get the prize unless it's aired."

So we made a few calls the producers of Lets Make a Deal. They told us it was always their intention to air Ro's show. and that sometimes they go out of sequence. They also said it sometimes can take up to a year for a show to air.

But after our calls, Ro got a few calls of her own by a spokesperson from the show's producer. She was assured her episode will air sometime this summer. That means her prize will arrive within 90 days after the show is shown.

That made Ro very happy.

"It's all better. Thank you ABC," she said.