Fmr. President Clinton campaigns for McMahon

September 4, 2010 10:02:42 AM PDT
In a rally for Freshman Democrat Mike McMahon, Bill Clinton ripped into Republicans, saying they would make a mess of the national economy. He also defended President Obama and Democrats in congress.

"He and Congress are doing a better job than they are getting credit for. They have," he said.

This district, covering Staten Island and part of Brooklyn, is strongly Republican, so McMahon, like many Democrats, is considered vulnerable. Clinton is trying to help as the nation votes on what could become a referendum on Obama.

"The Democrats recognize this is a seat they're going to lose and they're doing everything the can to hold on to it," Michael Grimm, Republican candidate for Congress, said.

"This election is about Mike McMahon's record, the record of the Democrat congress and about the direction of the country", said Michael Allegretti, the other Republican candidate for Congress.

Grimm and Alegretti are vying in the state's Sept. 14 primary for the GOP nomination to challenge McMahon.

Democrats spoke of their worry congress might go Republican. They also claimed President Bush messed up the economy, and that the road to recovery will be long and hard.

"We could not get out of this hole in 21 months. This hole was too deep," former President Clinton said.

"Being a Democrat you want Democrats in control. Absolutely, it's a worry," voter Terry Targia said.

McMahon could probably use Bill Clinton's help a little closer to Election Day, November 2.

However, between now and then Bill Clinton will be all over the country, helping other democrats try to hold on to Congress.