Woman injured by ice flying off truck

February 5, 2011 8:09:43 AM PST
A lot of ice on car roof tops is posing a real danger on the roads.

Ice came flying off a truck and smashed into a woman's windshield on Interstate 78 in Clinton, New Jersey on Friday, injuring her.

"The truck in front of me? the ice came twirling up, twirling up, and I said, 'Oh! It's gonna hit me,'" Dorothy Klingensmith said.

And it did. It hit the top and the windshield of Dorothy's little blue Honda with force. She was in the driver's seat.

"And I ducked like this and I said, 'Oh my God!'" she explained.

NewsCopter 7 was over I-78 as state police came to Dorothy's aid, while others pursued the truck driver.

"I was gonna keep driving after the driver cause I wanted to get him for doing that to me," Klingensmith said.

Eyewitness News has covered this story several times the winter - the dangers of driving with sheets of ice on top of cars and trucks. It's New Jersey state law. You must clean it off before hitting the road.

"The trucks and cars are driving at a high rate of speed, a little bit of wind underneath causes it to lift off the trucks," Trooper Stephen Kempinski said.

The company that towed Dorothy's car says it sees this all the time. They now even help truckers scrape ice off the rooftops to avoid accidents.

"We just do our best to clean it up to make it safe for the drivers," Cosmo Tripoli of Superior Towing explained.

Dorothy's car was full of ice and shards of glass - glass that was also in her hair. She and her Great Dane, Kenya, won't make it home to Pittsburgh for her Steelers Super Bowl party. Instead, it's back to New York to her daughter's place. She is shaken, but not badly hurt. She just asks of anyone driving with ice on their vehicles to clean it off.

"Before you kill somebody," she said.

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