Three gas station robberies in 10 minutes in NJ

June 20, 2011 9:08:36 AM PDT
Police are searching for the suspects involved in the robberies of three New Jersey gas stations in a 10-minute span on June 16. The alleged robberies took place at three gas stations along routes 1 & 9 in Linden. All three gas stations, a Shell, an Exxon and a Delta station, are located on Edgar Road.

According to the descriptions given to the police by the attendants, the first robbery was done by a middle-aged, thin-bearded black male dressed in a black shirt and a green baseball cap and driving a silver car. The second was also done by a black male, driving a Dodge or Chrysler, who threatened the attendant with a handgun to extort cash. The third was done by a stocky, black male around 40 years old with a beard and a red baseball cap, driving a silver Chrysler or possibly a four-door Dodge Charger. The cash amounts robbed in the three cases were $250, $104 and $500, respectively.

There were no injuries in the incidents, but the strong resemblance in the physical appearance of the suspects in each case, the vehicles driven, the manner in which the cash was extorted and the routes the suspects took after the robbery have led police to believe the robberies are closely related. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Det. Eddie Adams at 908-474-8537 or email