Westchester grocery store only sells discounted products

November 7, 2011 2:43:59 PM PST
For many households, every dollar counts. For those families, That Discount Place in Port Chester, NY is the place to look for savings.

While many chain stores will offer discounts through coupons, everything here is already tagged below retail price.

For Jane Stout, the owner of That Discount Place, discount grocery stores are in her blood.

"My family had three types of these stores when I was growing up in Indiana," she says.

Her family called them salvage grocery stores because the items for sale were discarded by traditional stores for being past the best by date or in damaged packaging. Stout purchases these items from them at extremely discounted prices and can offer her customers 30 to 60 percent savings from the average retail price.

Although ripped labels or dents in the packaging do not affect the quality of the product, and best-by dates offer a guideline for consumption but are not expiration dates, Stout does not sell items that spoil quickly such as milk or eggs.

But the products she does sell preserve a lot longer than their labels would let on. That's why she can sell Ocean Fresh juice "expired" in July with a $1.50 discount off retail price without fear.

The downside with this discount model is that just like a discount clothing store, customers sometimes have to hunt around to find what they are after, a small counterpart for the amount of money they've been able to save.

That Discount Place is located at 155 Irving Avenue, Port Chester, NY 10573.