7 Blocks in Jersey City's downtown historic district

7 Blocks

December 2, 2011 2:05:06 PM PST
Jersey City's downtown historic district, Grove St., is accessed by the Newark Penn Station and Journal Square Line.

"I think there is a buzz going on right now, people like to come down here," said Nikol Floros of historic downtown district.

Surrounding the stop is classic architecture mixed with new construction. But the most impressive structure is just three blocks away: city hall. It is where the mayor, city council and city clerk run Jersey City. Sitting outside the granite and marble historic building is a bronze monument built to commemorate the valor of soldiers, sailors, and marines of the civil war.

Also surrounding the stop is an eclectic selection of restaurant, including the food networks' chopped champion. The chef at Soul Flavors is just two blocks and half away. Delicious tastings are complemented by plenty of offerings for the spirit. An art community has sprung up here and some of the restaurants like LITM combine both.

"It's a really vibrant art community here. A lot of people have moved to the area because it is more affordable than other areas," said Andrea Morin, restaurant owner.

For those who want to bicycle to all the restaurants and bars in the area, the number one choice is the Grove Street bicycles, which is three blocks from the station.

"These guys are awesome. I highly recommend them. I love the idea of biking to and from the path train," said Rosalie Munez, resident.

Green and healthy choices, good food, and a vibrant nightlife can all be found within seven blocks of the Grove Street Path Station in Jersey City.