March held in Queens in memory of Trayvon Martin

Marchers in Queens hold a rally in memory of slain Florida teenagerTrayvon Martin

April 1, 2012 5:40:38 AM PDT
More than a thousand people demonstrated in Queens Saturday, calling for justice in the Trayvon Martin case.The soggy, chilly morning didn't put a damper on a march for Travyon Martin.

More than a thousand walked down Linden Boulevard through Jamaica Queens early Saturday.

"I am Travyon. My son is a Trayvon. We're all Trayvon," said one of the marchers.

"I am Travyon Martin'-- these words have become the mantra for the national movement against racial profiling.

The symbols: hoodies and Skittles.

"I just really believe that if the case was handled differently, if the boy was just brought to the police station and things of that nature, that this wouldn't have happened," said Jamaica resident Ivy Lockett.

"We're hoping that Zimmerman gets arrested," said State Senator Malcolm Smith. "We also hope they're going to repeal that 'stand your ground' law in Florida, just as we're making sure it doesn't happen here in New York."

"Communities that are engaged now in marching are going to have sit down and talk about what is the unfinished agenda," said Rev. Dr. James Forbes of the Union Theological Seminary. "Let's get to the heart of the continued victimization of our young people. That's got to be a national conversation."

The march ended with a rally at St. Albans Park.

Among the young, attentive faces: a grieving mother.

Constance Malcolm marched for her own son, Ramarley Graham. The unarmed Bronx teen was shot and killed by an NYPD officer in February.

"My son died tragically the same way, he was unarmed," said Malcolm. "I'm feeling the same pain right now as his mom. I know how she's feeling. We can't have our kids keep getting gunned down by police officers, and now civilians. And nothing's being done about it."

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