iPads helping students with special needs

April 25, 2012 2:32:31 PM PDT
In the special education class at P.S. 255, the new iPads are put to good use.

Educators everywhere are quickly jumping on board with the usefulness of tablets. The devices are especially useful in classes where the children face challenges like down syndrome and autism.

"It's unbelievable what has gone on with these devices. This has made the children want to learn more, and has made them want to work independently," said P.S. 255 principal Linda Singer.

Armando was born mute. His teachers say he did not speak at for the first six years of his life. However, with help from the iPad, he is learning. A program shows Armando how to pronounce words.

"We're amazed at what technology can do, and different opportunities for children to learn through different ways. This particular child responded beautifully," said Assistant Principal Susan Ehrlich.

The iPads are not cheap, and a separate funding formula was required for purchase.

"If you have children who love what they're doing and are moving forward, and this is enhancing their learning, it's worth it," said Assistant Principal, Iris Nikas

The school already has hopes to buy more of the devices.

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