More payment problems at Hackensack Chervrolet

7 On Your Side with Nina Pineda

Seven On Your Side
July 2, 2012 8:22:06 AM PDT
It's an absolute car dealership debacle.

Last week we told you about a New Jersey dealer, promising, but not paying off thousands owed on trade-ins.


The problems runs a lot deeper, and a growing list of consumers are finding themselves buried under a mountain of debt.

Allison Saporito and Bernice Jackson have never met but now they're united in anger.

Both bought cars at Hackensack Chevrolet. Both say the dealership's left them tens of thousands in the hole.

It's such a terrible thing, I've never had such a disgraceful thing happen," said Jackson.

The ladies traded in their cars buying new cars at Hackensack Chevrolet. The dealer was supposed to pay off loans on the trade-in cars.

But "they took it, but never paid it off," adds Jackson.

Bernice is now owed nearly $20,000 for a car she no longer owns.

Allison's more than $12,000 in the hole, her last car's about to be repo'd.

"Seems to me they're running some type of ponsi scheme with cars," said Saporito.

Both learned their old cars weren't paid off after watching the 7 On Your Side story on a week ago, a Dumont dad called us for help when Hackensack Chevy left him $22,000 in the hole on his trade-in.

"It's just ridiculous! There's just 0 customer service," a customer said in the previous story.

All the managers ducked behind closed doors when Nina Pineda showed up last week.

But after we left, the dealer finally paid off.

So we went back to see if the new management would help the old customers.

When we arrived, we spoke to the new manager, a man named Pat, whose wife, he said, was the dealership's owner.

After our calls, New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (that licenses dealership), and the dealer's parent company GM, all started investigations.

As for Allison, we helped get her repo delayed temporarily. And the dealership paid off the monthly bill for Bernice's trade-in making the loan current.

And, one more follow-up to our 2 stories. On Tuesday, June 26th, representatives of New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission pulled Hackensack Chevrolet's license to operate, effectively shutting the dealership down. The bankruptcy attorney told us the dealership is scheduled to be sold in an auction in July.



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