Car swamped after lease ends by Sandy

Seven On Your Side
January 18, 2013 8:12:31 PM PST
Consumer nightmares are still washing ashore nearly three months after Superstorm Sandy left our area.

And here's one more ripple that could prove expensive, a $20,000 bill for one car owner from Staten Island.

A kiss from her granddaughter Ava's nice, but Denise Sanyshyn really needs some love from her car dealership who she says stuck her with a bill for more than $20,000.

"I've been crying everyday because I felt hopeless, nobody would help me," said Denise Sanyshyn, car owner.

This flood-ravaged Nissan Maxima is the cause; it was totaled after being submerged by Sandy.

"Who do you think should be responsible for this?" Eyewitness News reporter Nina Pineda said.

"Volkswagen, Open Road Volkswagen," Sanyshyn said.

Last October, that's where Denise went to buy a new car and drop off her old one, a Nissan, at the end of a lease.

Open Road VW took possession, even signed for it, promising to promptly deliver it back to Nissan.

"When did you cancel the insurance?" Pineda asked.

"It expired on 10-26," Sanyshyn said.

That's also the day she dropped the car off, just three days before Sandy hit.

Denise says the manager assured her he was going to take the car up to the dealer, but it never got there.

Instead Denise's car wound up in a used car lot just a few blocks up Hylan Boulevard.

But what a difference those few blocks made.

Both the Volkswagen and the Nissan dealerships where the car was supposed to go had no damage.

But this lot completely flooded.

"We couldn't even see her car at first because it was a complete mess. All the cars were destroyed," said Danielle Sanyshyn, Denise's daughter.

Denise and her daughter appealed to the VW dealership for help.

But Open Road hit a pothole when their insurance company denied coverage.

The dealership said Denise was on her own.

"How much money are you owed?" Pineda asked.

"$20,000 plus," Sanyshun said.

So 7 On Your Side appealed to the VW dealership.

After their top brass got wind of it everybody, even little Ava, was happy.

The dealership's owner said he lost hundreds of thousands in flood cars.

But gave his sincere apologies saying they promised to pay off Denise's Nissan in full.



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