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Parts of Saw Mill Parkway remain closed due to flooding

May 24, 2013 8:09:22 PM PDT
Some roadways remain under some water Friday after heavy rain assaulted the Tri-State Area Thursday, and the lingering flooding could cause some big problems for drivers.

Any rain leading into the weekend isn't expected to be as damaging as what we saw Thursday, but with many roads already seeing ponding, it might not take much to create a commuting nightmare.

The worst hit area was Westchester County, where a 17-mile stretch of the Saw Mill River Parkway was closed for most of the day but for the Friday evening commute, only two parts of the Parkway remained close in Dobbs Ferry and Pleasantville.

Workers were trying to clear out catch basins and sewer lines to allow the water to recede.

"I get to New York and it's a mess!" a commuter said.

Drivers were frustrated by detours on day two of heavy rain and flooded streets Friday.

"I hate the rain we're going to Florida," another driver said.

Closures along parts of the Saw Mill River and Taconic Parkways slowed down plans for holiday weekend getaways.

Much of the water has receded compared to what Eyewitness News saw Thursday night in Nyack, Mount Pleasant and Thornwood.

Some say these are just reoccurring problems that need solutions now.

"It's not pleasant. We would love for someone to take control in Albany," a driver said.

The conditions also led to massive delays at the three major airports. Anyone with a scheduled flight was advised to check with their carrier.