Ways to save on baggage fees

Nina Pineda has the story
Seven On Your Side
November 15, 2013 3:13:42 PM PST
We've all been in this position, desperate to make your carry-on "lighter," or somehow "smaller," to save on those annoying checked-bag fees.

"How much was the highest you ever paid for baggage?" I asked. "About $50," was one response.

"$85 because if you're over the weight, then you pay," another said.

But these dentist office darlings off to Dallas know how to travel. They tote soft bags for their carry-on essentials.

"Flatiron, hairdryer, rollerbrush," she told us.

All that plus snacks and an iPad in a bag that can squish.

"I can put it under the seat," she said.

First tip? "Squishability," is key, according to Ross Kenneth, personal finance editor for TheStreet.com

"I want something that's going to be able to mush under my seat, or in the overhead compartment.

A bag with hard edges won't give you that flexibility, and you may be forced to check it when space runs out. If you want the wheels, look for a duffle that rolls but is flexible on top.

Next, when boarding, be at the head of the line. Maryam Laucella is sneaky.

"Even though they don't call you to go, I usually just go," she said.

Next - when boarding be at the head of line. Maryam's sneaky...

"Run up to the front of the gate before your zone is called. What you want to do is cherry-pick the line, wait until the zone is weaning down and get in line just as it thins out.

If you want to avoid the dirty looks, join an airline frequent flyer club, you can earn perks for status like priority boarding and waived baggage fees.

Another way to bypass boarding lines, get an airline credit card.

It is all about getting the priority boarding so you can be hassle free, relax in your seat, and sit back, and enjoy the flight without having to worry about the terrible overpacked passengers in front of you.

If you don't have any perks, try this, smile while shoving your bag in the first hold you see, even if it's miles of aisle away from your seat.

Joseph Michael tweeted us, "Wife and I wear all our extra clothes instead of packing them. Many layers, uncomfortable, but cost effective."

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