Nebraska - Sandy Kenyon's review

Sandy reviews the new film starring Bruce Dern
December 16, 2013 2:02:47 PM PST
When nominations for the Golden Globe awards were announced last week, Nebraska earned more than several other, more familiar titles, but the four nominations the film got didn't surprise me.

Nebraska unfolds slowly, and this classic road movie reveals its pleasures gradually in lively black and white.

Bruce Dern's character believes he's won a big sweepstakes prize: 1-million dollars.

His son, played by will forte, is quick to point out the truth. It's a scam.

Of course, it's just a trick to get the old man to buy magazines, but nobody is going to talk Woody out of going to collect his prize, especially not his wife who has a habit of saying whatever comes into her head.

June Squibb earned a Golden Globe nomination for her supporting role. So did Bruce Dern. At the age of 77, he has never been better.

In Will Forte, who is best known for making us laugh, Fern has found an unlikely but perfect partner.

Healing the troubled relationship between this auto mechanic and his son, a salesman in an electronics store, forms the gentle heart of this wonderful movie.

I know it's hard to convince people to see a movie in black and white. Nebraska lacks a gripping plot and lots of action, but if you do take a leap of faith and go see this delightful picture, i really believe you will thank me for recommending it to you.