Bullet fired in drive by hits 1-year-old's bedroom

Carolina Leid reports from Paterson.
January 13, 2014 8:19:15 PM PST
A stray bullet fired during a drive by shooting that injured three people flew into the bedroom of a 1-year-old boy in Paterson.

"I didn't know what to do. I was shocked. I just grabbed my son and ran out of the room," said Hymir Smith, the victim.

The single stray bullet blew through Hymir Smith's window, just inches away from him and his 1-year-old son Jeremiah.

"I heard gunshots up the block. Next thing I knew, the bullet was coming through the window, glass was hitting me in the face," Smith said.

It happened on 12th Avenue in Paterson Saturday night.

Witnesses saw kids running down the street.

They later found out three men were shot in a drive by shooting, and now police are trying to figure out if that's related.

"I could have been standing there with one of the kids. It just missed us," Smith said.

Residents say they've seen an incredible amount of violence in Paterson's 4th ward over the last three weeks.

Joe Taylor blames a culture of young men trying to make a name for themselves on these tough streets, but instead wind up as number in prison.

"It don't make no sense. We have kids. Something needs to change. Something needs to change," Taylor said.

As for Hymir, he and his girlfriend are making plans to move their three children to Virginia.

"Get out of the Paterson, get out of the 4th ward, this is just crazy," Smith said.