Stolen puppy tossed out car window after Middletown break-in

Joe Torres reports on the 3 men charged in the burglary
February 10, 2014 2:25:35 PM PST
A puppy stolen in Pennsylvania was rescued following a break-in at an Orange County home Saturday afternoon.

Police in Middletown say a Deerpark man called 911 Saturday afternoon to report that several suspects were attempting to break into his home.

A suspect armed with a handgun broke in the front door while the caller was on the phone.

Police say the burglars fled the scene, but their car was tracked down in Port Jervis by a state trooper.

As a trooper tried to pull them over, a brown-and-white pit bull puppy was thrown from the car.

The car was stopped and Trayquan Lee, 19; Raheem V. McKinoon, 19; John Shortt, 20 and a 15-year-old male from Port Jervis were arrested. They were charged with Burglary in the first degree, and Criminal Use of a Firearm.

The unhurt puppy was returned to its Matamoras, Pa., owners, whose 55-inch TV was also stolen.