Family of New York man missing in Mexico calling for bigger search

Lucy Yang has more from New Rochelle.
February 9, 2014 8:27:53 PM PST
The family of Westchester man who disappeared in Mexico is pleading with the government to step up the search.

32-year-old Harry Devert was on a motorcycle trip through South America. He was planning to ride his motorcycle cross country then down to Brazil for the World Cup in June. Except to do this, he had to pass through a treacherous drug region in Mexico.

No one has heard from the former financial trader since January 25th when he sent an unsettling text to his girlfriend. The message said the Mexican military was escorting him out of an area that was too dangerous.

His girlfriend and mother both say he would not go two weeks without contacting them if something was not wrong.

"I'm in panic mode", says Harry's mother, Ann, "it makes no sense, there has been no sight of him."

His family is calling for the U.S. Embassy to put pressure on the Mexican government to broaden the search for Devert. They have a #HelpFindHarry Facebook page they hope will lead to clues about what happened.

CLICK HERE for the #HelpFindHarry Facebook page.

His email is and His Instagram is #HelpFindHarry. His family urges people to reach out only if you can help. These sites are being manned by friends who love him.

Ann Devert and her attorney are planning a news conference on Monday morning. Meanwhile his family is trying to find answers in his last text when he told his girlfriend he needed a military escort.