Saturday Rewind: Dangerous Cheesecake and the Living Dead

Hole in the Wall Burglary

Police are still looking for whoever left this man-sized hole in the wall of an apartment in Queens.

The burglary suspect kicked in the opening through a wall of a neighboring apartment to rob Meghan Eblacker and her family blind.

Spectacular Rescue

A spectacular rescue caught on camera in Brooklyn. A partial collapse at an aging building in Wingate trapped a man in the rubble.

Rescue crews successfully dug him out and rushed him to the hospital. But, miraculously, he was conscious when they found him.

From Russia with Cheesecake

A 35-year-old woman from Brooklyn was the victim in a case that's right out of a Russian spy novel. Another woman has been accused with poisoning her look-alike... with tainted cheesecake.

Prosecutors say Viktoria Nasyrova gave the food to the woman whose identity she wanted to steal. The cake was laced with tranquilizer. She was found barely alive the next morning.

"Deadly" Mistake

"They told me unfortunately you're deceased," said Marzena Pogorzelska. "I said 'but no I'm not.'"

Pogorzelska is just your average Brooklyn resident, except for the fact that - according to the federal government - she's dead. She knew things were amiss when her health insurance and credit cards were suddenly cut off.

It turns out the federal government somehow thinks it has a death certificate on file for Pogorzelska.

Surprise Road Trip

Kenny Bachman was out partying in West Virginia. After having a little too much to drink, he hopped in an Uber and fell asleep. He woke up near home, only home was 300 miles away in New Jersey.

So how much did it cost him? Only $1600.
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