Coronavirus News: Nurse travels from Pennsylvania to fight COVID-19

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- After hearing New York City's call for help to fight the growing coronavirus pandemic, one nurse travelled hundreds of miles to lend a hand.

Joining the front lines of the perilous COVID-19 crisis, Luke Adams, a registered nurse has traveled to Staten Island University Hospital from his home in Pennsylvania.

"Once somebody said we're going to need help, I actually left a job I was at with a day and a half notice and I said I gotta go," Adams said.

Adams, a registered nurse for 11 years, left his family behind and drove to New York City 10 days ago to help the desperate patients battling this pandemic.

"Everyday that I go I know I am doing exactly what I decided to do when I became a nurse," Adams said.

The city is desperate for front line health workers as this pandemic worsens. Adams spent the first nine days in his car.

Adams knew he didn't have a place to stay, so that's why he rented an SUV.

"I have been in the fetal position for nine or 10 days now so I'm happy to stretch my legs tonight," Adams said, finally in a hotel room.

"Through contracting, we have already in recent weeks added an additional 3,600 medical personnel," New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

But the question is, where will they stay?

Alternative Business Accommodations (ABA) and IDEAL Furnished Housing, is offering apartments for first responders, nurses, doctors and medical staff at an affordable cost.

However, more people could still need housing.

"If you are able to help, I would certainly hope you would go -- that's why I came," Adams said.


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