7 On Your Side shows how to score the best Cyber Monday deals

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Monday, November 30, 2020
How to score the best Cyber Monday deals
There are still plenty of deals out there if you know how and when to find them!

NEW YORK (WABC) -- We broke a record on Black Friday, spending $9 billion shopping online. That's up 22 percent from last year. So what does that mean today for Cyber Monday?

Well, there are still plenty of deals out there if you know how and when to find them!

Retailers like Old Navy, Eddie Bauer, Gap and Express are offering 50 percent off when you shop online. Many offer free shipping.

And Banana Republic is offering an insane 75 percent off Sunday through Tuesday.

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Bed Bath and Beyond has something called My Funds Rewards.

On Cyber Monday if you make a purchase of $300 or more you get a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card for 100 bucks.

So if you buy a hot item like a Dyson air purifier, normally that could break the bank at 500 bucks.

It's already on sale for $374, but with the gift card your total savings add up to $225 dollars.

Big screen TV deals are coming into focus as well.

Best Buy has a 50-inch 4K Smart Android TV, normally $349.99, that is down to $229.99, a savings of $120.

And how about a free cup of Joe?

On Monday Starbucks is giving a voucher for a free drink to rewards members who use the app to order ahead.

And here are two more tips:

Go to the website of your favorite brand. Sometimes when you sign up for the newsletter they will generate a promo code for up to 15 percent off your first purchase.

And this is a great hack: if you're browsing an item, put it in your cart but don't click "buy."

Marketers will sense your hesitation, and you might get a promo code sent right to your inbox.

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