9 Sitcoms From the 90's That Should Be Rebooted

ByJustin Sedgwick WABC logo
Saturday, June 28, 2014
The cast of Disney Channel's "Girl Meets World"

If you witness any millennials or tweens stampeding through the streets this weekend, don't be alarmed. They're just rushing to catch the premiere of the highly anticipated "Boy Meets World" spinoff "Girl Meets World" on Disney Channel. Bringing back Cory, Topanga, and Mr. Fee-hee-heenay!, nostalgic TGIF lovers are stoked to see their favorite Friday night characters get new televised life again.

But with the cast of "Boy Meets World" being welcomed onto DVR's once again, we couldn't help but wonder what other classic 90's sitcoms should be brought back to life, and in what capacity. So here is how we'd like to see classic TV sitcoms rebooted.


Often ranked as the greatest television series of all time, "Seinfeld's" comedic methodology of nothing still attracts new fans every year. But with Julia Louis Dreyfus preoccupied with her political duties in "Veep" and Jerry Seinfeld cruising to viral video stardom in "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," it might be better just to focus this reboot on either the characters of George Costanza or Cosmo Kramer. A series where George returns back to school to actually pursue his dream of being an architect while living with his parents would be a hit. But frankly, watching Cosmo Kramer inherit millions and launching a new branch of Kramerica in Silicon Valley might be ripe for more comedic potential.

Home Improvement

There was something so earnest and lovable about the loose screwed Tim Taylor navigating his family life and his hardware TV series every week. But now that all of his lads are grown up and likely with families of their own, you can't really inject him back into the family man role anymore. Viewers though would definitely identify with a recession prone Taylor, who after losing his television show is forced to work at Home Depot while trying to gain traction for his YouTube channel with the help of his wisecracking grandson.


One of the most successful spinoffs of all time, "Frasier" was smart and funny, injecting plenty of intellectual one-liners with witty storytelling that dominated NBC's "Must See TV" lineup. The series could come back with Frasier and Niles living in Chicago, opening up their own psychiatry office for the city's media, culture and athletic elite. Throw in a few appearances from the ole gang from "Cheers" and Frasier will be scrambling eggs and tossing salad again in no time.


The series got some short-lived spinoff life in "Joey" which lasted for two seasons. But a sitcom about Chandler and Monica's family life post "Friends"-dom would incorporate the couple's dynamic chemistry which was often the highpoint on many "Friends" episodes. Add in Phoebe as a wayward roommate halfway through season one and you got a hit.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will Smith plays Will Smith, who after making it big as a rapper takes in another disadvantaged, wise-cracking California youth to live with him in his luxury Philadelphian apartment. Add in a feisty little sister character played by Quvenzhan Wallis and audiences will be sure not to say smell ya later.

Full House

After the girls grow up and move out to college, Danny Tanner becomes depressed and lonely, questioning what to do with his life. So uncle Jesse invites Danny to be his business manager on his band's upcoming cross-country tour, with Uncle Joey serving as head roadie. They could even make a pit stop at Michelle Tanner's college in one episode, with the men initially embarrassing the young undergrad but then the family rejoicing in a warm embrace.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina settles down into a quiet life as a bookshop owner in London while serving as single mother to her own bewitching female adolescent. But when her daughter's powers start to surface, they'll have to cast a big spell over London if they want to keep their Visas.

Spin City

Michael J. Fox's character Mike Flaherty is inducted as Governor of New York after his predecessor and their entire staff step down due to scandal. Looking for a reliable team, Flaherty gets in touch with his old staff to help run the state, while Flaherty tries to maintain the state of his own family affairs in the process.

Married... with Children

After looking forward to his retirement for years, the cranky Al Bundy becomes disenchanted without having anything to do all day. But after forming a bond with his daughter Kelly's lovable son, Bundy finds a new purpose in life as grandfather. Al and Peggy must adjust to being grandparents despite their penchant for inappropriate behavior. The title, you guessed it, is "Married...With Grandchildren."