Dining with a blindfold on

December 26, 2007 3:38:21 PM PST
How's this for a unique restaurant dining experience: Not being able to see anything that's on your plate! One-by-one the masks go on and the journey into darkness begins. And they'll stay this way for the next two hours as they eat dinner at Camaje Bistro in the Village.

Dana Salisbury came up with the idea for dark dining several years ago when she peeled an orange with her eyes closed.

"When I peeled it the oils from the orange went all over my face and I thought this is transformational," Dana said.

So she launched these dinners. This one was held on Halloween -- and as you might imagine dining blindfolded creates some interesting challenges: from spills to the attempts at toasting to finding the food on your plate and then finding your mouth.

And by the way, the guests are never told what they're eating so smell and taste and even touch become that much more important.

The sensory deprivation certainly gets you thinking, and it seems to gets plenty of diners touching.

To further enhance the mood there's live entertainment. Diners seem to listen a little more closely with the blindfolds on.

And it isn't until they're back outside that they finally get to see the menu.

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