Printing error leads to profanity-laced comic

September 12, 2008 1:10:13 PM PDT
A new Batman comic book is creating controversy because of profanity-laced text that made its way into the Caped Crusader's latest issue.The maker, DC Comics, is asking stores around the nation to destroy tens of thousands of copies the comic.

"Text every friend you've got, s---heads," Batgirl reportedly tells a group of foul-mouthed drug-dealers in "All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder" No. 10, obtained by the New York Post. "Sell your poison somewhere else. This here arcade belongs to the f---ing Batgirl."

The newspaper reports that the cuss words were supposed to be blacked out, but says two shades of black were used, leaving the expletives clearly legible.

The comic book is not aimed at children, but there are also no warnings on the cover to make the reader aware of the possibly offensive material.

DC caught the error this week, as the comic was heading to stores, according to the Post. They reportedly stopped some shipments, but asked stores who had received the copies to destroy them.

"A printing gaffe" caused "a problem with All-Star Batman," DC Comics told the paper. "As soon as the problem was discovered, we quickly asked retailers to pull the issue. We apologize to our retailers and fans for any offense or inconvenience."

Many stores in the city have reportedly complied with the requests, but others have not. eBay is also a popular place to pick up copies.