Pregnant woman missing in NJ

JERSEY CITY The mother of two disappeared the night before she was to give birth to her third child and Aileen Cepeda Velasquez hasn't been seen since.

Flyers have been posted around her town of Jersey City asking for the public's help in locating Velasquez.

"They're thinking that she went to go give birth. They are wondering why she's not here, cause it doesn't take that long to give birth," said Velasquez's mother.

Her family says on Tuesday night, she said goodnight to her girls, and went across the street to buy a soda. She hasn't been seen since.

Her mother adds, "If anybody has taken her or she went voluntarily, we just want her to come home," she adds, "Her girls need her."

The store owners say they didn't see her that night she claimed to go buy a soda.

They did see her earlier in the day and video from the store shows Aileen walking her two girls to school.

All police are saying it they have a person of interest they want to speak to.

Anyone with information on Aileen Velasquez's whereabouts is asked to call police.

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