Getting a proper pedicure and avoiding infections

NEW YORK One thing people need to be aware of is the infection you can get on your feet.

Podiatrist Johanna Youner says most foot infections related to pedicures are athlete's foot, though infections of small cuts can happen. Avoiding infections begins with one main thing.

The pedicure basin should be cleaned with a sterilizing solution, that's the most important," said Dr. Youner.

Eyewitness News found that one salon used a disposable basin liner, one for each client. There are other basics. As with manicures, ask the technician to first clean her hands with an antiseptic. Find a shop that uses intense heat and pressure called autoclaving to sterilize non-disposable instruments such as cuticle nippers.

Removing a callus with a sharp blade is for doctors only. Shaving tools are against the law in salons. Disposable sanders can take their place, and remember; pedicures are for beauty, not foot or nail pain.

"If you have pain, don't see your pedicurist, see your podiatrist," adds Dr. Youner.

Dr. Younger adds that if you push your cuticles back rather than cutting them, you can avoid a major source of nicks, bleeding and infection.

Also you can buy a set of your own nippers and clippers and clean them yourself between uses.

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