Saving for your golden years

January 25, 2011 8:30:47 PM PST
Consumer Reports shows you how to successfully save for your golden years of retirement.

Miriam and Mike Risko are not the stereotypical starving musicians.

They own a music store, but most importantly, they live modestly and save every extra penny.

"We didn't throw a big extravagant wedding," Miriam Risko said.

"We drive nice cars but we don't have to buy the most expensive car," Mike Risko said.

Experts would say they are well on their way to a comfortable retirement.

However, many baby boomers are not.

So, Consumer Reports has come up with more than a dozen tips for those golden years.

First, save, save, save.

Especially if your company will help you grow your nest egg.

"If your employer offers a 401K or other similar retirement account at work, often your employer will match your contributions. That's getting free money," said Tobie Stanger, of Consumer Reports.

Here are Consumer Reports 3 D's:
Debt: pay it down especially your mortgage while you're still working before you retire
Diversify: your portfolio
Delay: your social security payments until age 66. You will get 25% more if you collect at 66 instead of 62.

You could always look for some part-time work until full benefits kick in.

Of course, these tips are broad strokes.

Each person will have to tailor his financial plan according to their expectations for those sunset years and how much they have saved already.