Some foods we think are healthy, are not

June 20, 2011 8:26:24 PM PDT
Most start their day with a bowl of high fiber, whole grain cereal. Can't go wrong with that, right?

"You have to be careful because a lot of them have a lot of added sugar," said Alissa Rumsey, a registered dietitian.

Eyewitness News took a walk through the Food Emporium with Alissa Rumsey, a Registered Dietitian with New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Sugary cereals are number one on the list of healthy food choices that aren't as healthy as you think. Rumsey says the best cereal choices have fewer than eight grams of sugar.

Number two on the list is pretzels. It's all just refined white flour with no little nutritional value.

And number three: "A lot of people reach for the veggie chips. But it's really not that much vegetable, it's more potato and corn," Rumsey said.

A good alternative to both is natural popcorn.

"And you even have to be careful with ground turkey. It can have a much fat as ground beef," Rumsey said.

Therefore ground turkey is number four on the list.

You think low calorie artificial sweeteners work, think again. That's number five.

"Yes, it's calorie free but it kind of tricks your body into craving more sugar," Rumsey said.

Leading to the reason why diet soda isn't good for you, that's number six on our list.

"This is my favorite part of the story because you're giving us the green light to eat ice cream," Eyewitness News reporter Darla Miles said.

Last but not the least, frozen yogurt is number seven on the list.

"A lot of frozen yogurts add more sugar," Rumsey said.

Finally some good news!