Abandoned chicks left outside Hempstead pet store

December 29, 2013 12:00:09 PM PST
Someone abandoned a box of 28 baby chickens in Hempstead, Nassau County, and $2,000 is being offered as a reward to find who did it.

The chicks were left outside Petland Discounts on Fulton Avenue Friday.

The Nassau County SPCA calls it a textbook case of abandonment and animal cruelty.

Newsday reports that the chicks are being cared for at a veterinarian's office in Valley Stream. But employees at the vet's office say they don't know where the birds are headed next.

A store employee says he found the flock in a taped-up cardboard box.

The chicks were taken to the vet's office later Friday. Employees there had to run out for chicken feed.

Veterinarian Jennifer Emmerich says the chicks will grow quickly and will need new homes.