Four steps to empowerment with author Ashley T. Brundage

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021
Finding empowerment with author Ashley T. Brundage
Leadership expert, Ashley Brundage, talks about the four steps anyone can take to find empowerment.Finding inclusivity and empowerment with author and leadership expert of Empowering Differences, Ashley T. Brundage.

NEW YORK -- For author and leadership expert, Ashley T. Brundage, finding inclusivity has been a life-long journey.

"To me, inclusivity really means the feels. It's how I get that feeling of connectivity to others, and that's where inclusion lives. It lives with each person every single moment," she says.

Ashley, who is the founder of Empowering Differences, a leadership-based educational organization, and author of a novel with the same name, faced many challenges early on in her career because she is transgender.

"My story is a lot of trials and tribulations, overcoming harassment, discrimination, and homelessness and what I found is that I really needed to use empowerment to leverage my differences to impact change for others."

Using her four-step empowerment process, Ashley was able to grow her career and eventually became the vice president of diversity and inclusion for a major financial services organization in the U.S.

"For me, the definition of empowerment is giving power and authority to others," Ashley notes, "My program really helps organizations and individuals really capture the essence of what empowerment is."

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