Buzz Aldrin shares first 'selfie' taken in space

You're going to need to up your Instagram game after seeing the first "selfie" ever taken from space.

Famed astronaut and the second man to walk on the moon Buzz Aldrin shared an image on his Twitter page of what has become known as the "first selfie in space." Aldrin can be seen looking directly at the camera in classic selfie fashion, as the blue of the earth shines magnificently behind him.

The image was taken in 1966 during the Gemini 12 mission.

The astronaut is also selling t-shirts of the space selfie, proceeds of which benefit his "ShareSpace educational Foundation promoting STEAM Education and Giant Destination Mars Maps for schools."

A vintage print of Aldrin's self-portrait was sold at auction in 2015 for $9,200, according to CNET.
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