Coronavirus News: Brooklyn woman's impressions of Gov. Cuomo gaining fame on Twitter

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- Andrew Cuomo has been thrown into the spotlight as he leads New York's efforts in fighting the coronavirus crisis, and one comedian from Brooklyn is using his daily news briefings for a funny, but respectful parody.

Whether he's discussing Sunday dinner of his daughter's boyfriend, Cuomo is a sharer - and that's something Maria DeCotis first picked up on in April and ran with it.

"When he goes on these tangents, I find them very humanizing and vulnerable and they are inspiring to make something off of because he's really silly when he talks like that," DeCotis said.

DeCotis' new favorite pastime is imitating Cuomo and Twitter loves it.

From her Brooklyn apartment, the 28-year-old studies the governor's every move during his daily briefings.

She believes it makes him relatable, but she admits she wasn't sure how it would be received.

"I don't want to make jokes at anyone's expense because a lot of people are going through a lot of pain and loss, and I would never want to make fun of that," DeCotis said.

Her comedic relief is a breath of fresh air. She's made a series of nine videos and always knows when the governor is about to go off script.

"Personal opinions, personal, he tells you it's coming," DeCotis said. "I'm like alright get out the notebook because he's gives you the warning."

DeCotis said he also has a hand gesture that is very New York.

She even plays the roles of his daughters and their reactions to his oversharing.

"To me it was like, I would be mortified if my dad was saying all of this on national television," she said.

As for the the governor, he is well aware of what's going on and even reached out to DeCotis -- and no surprise here -- he's getting a kick out of it all.


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