Coronavirus News: High school seniors turn to virtual college tours

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- During these times of uncertainty, area high schools have shifted to online remote learning with many senior year activities cancelled, postponed or in limbo.

But social distancing is also impacting high school seniors as they try to make a decision on what college to attend next fall.

The script has been altered for the class of 2020, and as seniors adjust to the new norm in their final months of high school, picking a university just became tougher because student days and campus tours have been canceled.

Teddy Theodoris is a senior at Cold Spring Harbor High School and has committed to the University of Wisconsin, which he was able to visit in January. But many who waited until the end to make their choice aren't as lucky.

Prospective students are spending extra time going through the literature they receiving, browsing college websites, and taking virtual tours that many schools offer online.

Some students even find they're using this time to their advantage to more thoroughly research the schools.


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