Sun protector melts inside car during scorching California heat wave

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021
Sweltering Fresno heat causes car windshield sun protector to melt
A northeast Fresno resident captured a photo of a melted windshield sun protector on a car near Cedar and Nees Avenues on Sunday.

FRESNO, Calif. -- How hot did it get in some inland California communities over the past week?

How about hot enough to melt a windshield shade that was supposed to be keeping a car protected from the sun!

A Fresno resident shared a photo of the melted sun protector with our sister station, KFSN.

The photo serves as a reminder that even with a covering over a windshield, the interiors of vehicles can get extremely hot on sunny days and no pets or children should be left unattended.

Central California has seen scorching temperatures in recent days. The National Weather Service recorded 114 degrees in Fresno on Sunday.

In Southern California, inland and desert communities have also seen hot temperatures, staying well over 100 in recent days. Palm Springs hit 120 over the weekend while the Antelope Valley saw 113 degrees.

This week, Southern California is staying hot, though not quite as extreme as last week, with desert highs staying in the upper 90s.