Hangover remedies to de-puff, detox and re-hydrate to look fresh and well-rested

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Thursday, February 25, 2021
Hungover? Beauty tips to get you through the day
Hangover remedies to de-puff, detox, and re-hydrate your skin to make your face look fresh and well-rested!

LONG ISLAND CITY -- Everyone has their hangover remedies when it comes to soothing their heads and stomachs but what about when you have to face the world?

In the last few years, my hangovers went from bad to worse and come on unexpectedly.

But I'm an adult and the show must go on - literally - so I took some knowledge I've learned from Glam Lab and applied it to hiding my hangover.

Let's face it, when you look better - you feel better!

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What is it that leaves us feeling and looking so horrible the morning after consuming a few alcoholic beverages? We're dehydrated.

Alcohol is a diuretic that causes us to lose water in our bodies. Our bodies like water and need it to survive so it'll try to hold on to as much as it can which usually causes the puffiness we see in our face.

Alcohol is also a toxin. Need I say more?

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So first up, drink lots and lots of water. To help improve the appearance you'll want to use cold temperatures to decrease inflammation, and get your blood flowing to remove toxins from your skin.

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In this episode of Glam Lab, I break down how to flush out your face with whatever you have at home plus a few makeup tips to help you hide that hangover!

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