Express yourself! How emoji use differs all over the world

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Thursday, April 23, 2015
Swiftkey found the most popular emoji in a new report released on Tueday.

If you're happy and you know it, use an emoji!

Swiftkey, the British company behind some of the most smartphone keyboards, has released their One Billion Emoji report, which analyzed over one billion pieces of emoji data to learn how smartphone users across the world communicate using emojis. In the report, Swiftkey was able to determine which categories of emoji were the most popular.

The most popular emoji category by far was Happy faces, which make up 44.8 percent of all emoji usage. In second was Sad faces, which constituted 13.33 percent of all emoji usage, followed closely behind by hand gestures, romance, other, and monkey emoji.

The report also found other interesting items regarding emoji usage. Russians proved to be romantics, as that language's speakers use three times as many romantic emoji compared to non-Russian speakers. And there must be a big party happening down under, as Australia's use of alcohol-themed emoji was double the average amount worldwide.

American English speakers were found to be leaders in female-oriented, tech, and LGBT emoji categories. Canadian English speakers were found to be the most violent in their emoji usage, with the gun, knife, and bomb emojis amongst others 50 percent higher than the average.

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