Coronavirus News: Businesses impacted by COVID gear up for 'Harlem Serves Up!' event

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NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- On Saturday, WABC-TV Channel 7 will air a one-hour fundraiser special entitled 'Harlem Serves Up!' supported by Humana at 7 p.m. for organizations supporting the neighborhood's residents during the pandemic.

The event will also promote businesses in Harlem, like Brian Washington-Palmer's new restaurant Ruby's Vintage.

"The buzz got out to the neighborhood, it was discovering us and then bam," Washington-Palmer said. "Helping small businesses stay open, especially restaurants, it brings that life to the neighborhood. It lets people know you're there for them and people can meet and greet and wave and you don't feel as alone."

Brian is a part of Harlem Park to Park, a collective of 250 plus businesses.

The organization spearheaded an effort to bring one of the Black Lives Matter street murals to the neighborhood.

'Harlem Serves Up!' will once again celebrate just how resilient the Harlem community is.

"We have been this support base that, I feel, is going to be our sort of secret sauce to ensure that we survive as a culinary community here in Harlem. So, Saturday is really going to shine a light on how special our village really is," Harlem Park to Park Executive Director Nikoa Evans-Hendricks said.

Celeb chefs join 'Harlem Serves Up!' fundraiser to air on WABC-TV Saturday
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Chefs and restaurateurs will headline a one-hour fundraiser special entitled "Harlem Serves Up!" on WABC-TV Channel 7 at 7 p.m. Saturday, July 18.

The event will also provide funding to Citymeals on Wheels, which, since early March, has delivered more than one million meals to seniors in New York City including more than 84,000 in Harlem.

"We have delivered almost a year's worth of meals in just four months," Citymeals On WheelsExecutive DirectorBeth Shapiro said.

The organization is playing an even bigger role right now as seniors are encouraged to stay home.

"We've been able to make sure that they're getting home-delivered meals and we're determined to make sure they do throughout this pandemic," Shapiro said.

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Suddenly, the brutal death of George Floyd while in the custody of police officers in Minneapolis filled the streets of a nation with rage and sorrow. New York was no different. Protesters put the fear of the virus aside and took to the streets by the thousands. Abandoning the safety and comfort of social distance, to demand social change.


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