Step-by-step tutorial to safely remove gel nail polish

NEW YORK CITY -- Stop picking off your manicure - it's wrecking your nails!

We've all been there - obsessively picking and chipping away at our once fresh and flawless gel manicure. Not only does it look horrible, but it's also horrible for your nails!

When you peel off a layer of gel polish, you could be taking a layer of your natural nail with it.

So, instead of wrecking my nails, I always let the professionals handle the removal process. That is until my city became the COVID-19 hotspot and non-essential businesses, including nail salons, were shut down.

While stuck at home in quarantine, I gained quite a few new beauty skills.

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I learned how to cut men's hair, shape my own eyebrows, and safely remove gel nail polish.

While I'm no longer my boyfriend's barber or an eyebrow specialist, I have stuck with removing gel polish myself in-between manicures.

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Check out this latest episode of Glam Lab for a step-by-step tutorial complete with all the tools and ingredients you'll need to safely remove that gel polish yourself!

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