Social media microwave, air fryer & more! These new kitchen gadgets will have you drooling

ByHeather Harkins & Emily Sowa WABC logo
Friday, May 10, 2019
Architectural Digest's AD PRO quarterly trend report is here with the hottest kitchen gadgets.

NEW YORK, New York (WABC) -- Architectural Digest's AD Pro just released its quarterly trend report focusing on the hottest kitchen gadgets that you will be drooling over!

AD Pro's Editor Katy Olson sat down with us for a special sneak preview of some of the top gadgets that will make your kitchen seem like it's from the future.

For the Social Media Cook: The GE Profile Kitchen Hub enables 'social cooking'. It is equipped with cameras to accommodate Instagrammer's who want to snap overhead stills of their culinary masterpieces; the selfie camera, built-in mic, and video screen also come in handy for video-chatting when requesting recipe help from a more skilled home cook. You can pull up recipes right on the screen above your stovetop to avoid messy hands touching your phone or laptop. You could even Facetime with a close relative to get advice on passed down cooking skills.

For the Entertainer: The Thermador Pro Grand Range is perfect for cooking multiple dishes at once. There is a warming drawer that keep items warm as you continue to prepare your meal.

For the Money Saver: The Bosch Home Appliance French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator is equipped with high-quality gaskets and premium insulation that offers presets for meat and fish, fruit, vegetables, beverages, and snacks. The drawers are temperature controlled via app and also include a filter that can actually slow down the ripening process allowing your fruits and vegetables to last longer.

For the Advanced Chef: The Signature Kitchen Suite Duel Fuel Pro Range was created with a built-in Sous Vide for vacuum sealed cooking - guarenteeing the perfect results for meat and other foods.

For the Impatient Cleaner: The Thermador Star Sapphire Dishwasher featuring StarDry with Zeolite addresses one of homeowners' most common complaints: that no matter what the dishwasher setting, something will come out not fully dry. It uses a substance similar to the silica gel packets found in leather goods, absorbing moisture while simultaneously generating heat to remove additional moisture.

For the Health Nut: More than 4 million air fryers were sold in the U.S in just 12 months, so the GE Profile and Cafe Oven was created with air frying capabilities that essentially blow hot air onto foods that need crisping - think french fries and homemade chips - without added oils, making for a cleaner tasting, guilt-free snack.

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