Life Do Grow farm grows community connection with food, education

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Friday, November 19, 2021
Life Do Grow farm grows community connection with food, education
A Philadelphia nonprofit is working to teach food and land sovereignty through its community space.

PHILADELPHIA -- Located at 11th & Dauphin street in North Philadelphia, Life Do Grow Farm serves as a green oasis for local community members.

The farm was created by the nonprofit organization Urban Creators.

Crops that are planted and harvested from their two acres of land range from sweet potatoes, to peppers, to collard greens. These crops are then sold to members of the community.

"It's important because we feed people, it's important because we serve as a place for people just to get away from the city life" said neighborhood organizer Tyler Ray.

They also hold weekly community food education workshops where they welcome the community and teach them how to grow, cook and produce their own food. They also teach people how to make their own herbal medicines.

The last class will take place on Nov. 10. The workshops are free and open to all ages.

The goal of the urban farm is to practice and teach both food and land sovereignty.

"Here we have a way to give you live food that's been tended from the heart and soul of black and brown farmers working this land and doing the good work," said Elizabeth Okero, Director of Operations.

Life Do Grow Farm is also the location of the Urban Creators Marketplace where meals are given out to those in need as well as free diapers.

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