Viral Video: Man covered in Mentos jumps into Coke Zero bath

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Monday, March 2, 2015

This man is taking Coca Cola and Mentos videos to a whole new level.

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The above video was uploaded by YouTube user Hajime in July 2014, but only recently went viral over the past few days. In it, a young man straps a plethora Mentos to his body and jumps into a bathtub filled with Coke Zero.

While the young man creates quite the soda splash after first jumping in, the Coke Zero/Mentos concoction just continues to fizz with no real explosive after affect. Still, Hajime's video brews up some hilarious moments none the less.

Hajime isn't the only YouTube user to take Diet Coke/Mentos videos to the next level. Epic Meal Empire's Josh "EpicMook" Elkin wore a suit made of Mentos as he was dunked into a tank full of Diet Coke.

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