Here's what NYC's Generation Z thinks about social justice issues in the world today

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Generation Z was born in the digital age, and some say they struggle with face-to-face interactions and have short attention spans.

However, a city high school student interviewed hundreds of her peers from all five boroughs in order to write an op-ed about what is going on in the world right now - and they want you to know they are so much more than you think.

"Tenacious, passionate, unwavering - these words describe Generation Z," says Amina Castronovo of Beacon High School in Manhattan.

"Whether it be the climate crisis, gun control..." adds Kathryn Gioiosa of Forest Hills High School.

"Or LGBTQ+ equality, we have proved resilient time and time again," adds Zakiyyah Singletary.

Generation Z says it seems imperative, especially now that they 'do not lose this fire burning inside all of us' when fighting the age-old pandemic of anti-Black racism in the United States.

"The Black Lives Matter movement is more than a hashtag or a trend," said Gioiosa.

Hundreds of New York City high schoolers from all five boroughs were interviewed by using a survey to ask their perspective on George Floyd's murder.

The overall sentiment from the interviewees was pure rage.
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