35 most livable cities for people 35-and-under

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014
35. Garland, TX
34. Fort Wayne, IN
33. Baton Rouge, LA
32. Reno, NV
31. Raleigh, NC
30. Charlotte, NC
29. Scottsdale, AZ
28. Pittsburgh, PA
27. San Diego, CA
26. San Jose, CA
25. Henderson, NV
24. Chicago, IL
23. Plano, TX
22. Winston-Salem, NC
21. Irving, TX
20. Lincoln, NE
19. Oklahoma City, OK
18. Boston, MA
17. Washington, DC
16. Houston, TX
15. Lubbock, TX
14. Dallas, TX
13. Los Angeles, CA
12. Fort Worth, TX
11. Boise, ID
10. Portland, OR
9. Madison, WI
8. Saint Paul, MN
7. Seattle, WA
6. Minneapolis, MN
5. Austin, TX
4. Denver, CO
3. San Francisco, CA
2. Arlington, TX
1. New York, NY
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35 most livable cities for people 35-and-under35. Garland, TX
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If you're young and looking for a new place to live, these places might just be worth the move.

Vocativ published today their list of the 35 most livable cities in America for people under 35 with some surprising results.

The website took the 100 most populated cities in America and used data to measure statistics like salary, employment rates, and cost of rents and utilities. Other factors like public transportation, weather, crime and access to live music and sports were considered.

The website put New York at the top of the list, which while being an expensive city offers many dining and entertainment options. Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Raleigh were included as well. Many Texas cities made it onto the list. including Houston, Dallas, Austin, Arlington and Plano, citing the Lone Star state's affordability growing economy.

See where your city placed in the gallery above.