Woman allegedly attempts to kill barber over bad haircut in California

SAN DIEGO, CA -- Police say a woman in San Diego tried to shoot a barber because she was unhappy with her haircut.

Barber Manny Montero is lucky to be alive today after one of his customers allegedly confronted him with a gun and pulled the trigger three times.

San Diego Police say Adrian Swain's gun was loaded but it malfunctioned.

It all began around 9am Wednesday when Swain came into the 619 Barber Shop on 30th Street asking for a haircut and shaved design, which Montero specializes in.

Police say after her haircut, she left, then returned just after noon and pulled a gun out on Montero.

"She messed it up with some stray razors in her hair," Montero says. "She erased everything I did, messed it up with a razor, took it all off and then she came in and said, 'Look what you did to my hair!'"

After the gun malfunctioned, Montero and another employee tackled her to the ground waiting for cops to arrive.

Montero says he is thankful he is alive.

"I think I was mad, I think I was mad, that's pretty much it," Montero says. "And I'm glad, I'm glad, thank God nothing happened to me," he says.
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