NYC Safety Tracker: New online tool tracks crime in your neighborhood

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Friday, October 28, 2022

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- Eyewitness News has created an exclusive new tool that you can use to track which crimes are happening in your neighborhood on a weekly basis.

It's called the Neighborhood Safety Tracker.

There's a drop down menu on the website that will tell you how many homicides, burglaries, assaults, auto thefts, grand larcenies, sexual assaults and robberies are happening.

You can also compare them to every year for the past two decades to see if those crimes are going up and down.

For example, it currently shows homicides are down by 14%, but car thefts are up by a lot, 35%, compared to last year.

The Safety Tracker doesn't only give information for the entire city. You can click on a specific neighborhood on the map to find out which crimes are happening in your own community. It will show you which crimes are increasing and decreasing in your precinct.

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You can also find out how the crime that's happening in New York City compares to other major cities across the country.

Take homicides for example, a bar graph on the Safety Tracker shows the rate is nowhere near as high as other cities like Philadelphia, Chicago and Detroit.

Another feature of the Safety Tracker is it will give you information on crime risk levels. Currently, New Yorkers are five times as likely to die from a drug overdose, or more than 20 times as likely to die from cancer, than from being murdered.

The information is updated once a week, so you'll continuously find new crime information.

Eventually, Eyewitness News will be expand the coverage area outside of New York City, to other communities in New York and New Jersey.


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