Olivia Wilde scolds NYC subway riders for not giving up seat for noticeably pregnant self

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Thursday, September 15, 2016
Olivia Wilde shames subway riders for not offering seats
Pregnant actress Olivia Wilde turned to Twitter to shame NYC subway riders who didn't give up their seats.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Actress Olivia Wilde is shaming fellow New York City subway riders for staying put while she was left with no seat - even though she's pregnant.

Wilde, who lives in Brooklyn, took to social media, saying "NO BIG DEAL, able-bodied riders who won't give your seat to a GIANT preggo. I'll just stand riiiiight next to your head and pray I go into labor."

Her post has garnered a wide range of responses.

Some people criticized the manners of others on board the train, while others said the people who didn't get up might need the seats for their own reasons.

Others said they have experienced the same issue:

The MTA is running an information campaign promoting courtesy on public transportation.

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